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In the first place. Iimthe Internet and Multimedia Institute. Belarus Phone Number List the Leading Digital School Precursor of Schools of Digital Professions.As a matter of fact.  the Iim Was Created in 1995 in Paris, Because It Saw .the Importance of the Digital Revolution. 5 Main Areas Are Taught in This School. Digital Communication and E-business Web Development. 3d Animation Video Games Creation and Design . Within These Areas There Are Bachelors.preparatory Classes and Masters. Also Very Open to the International . The Iim Offers Its Students to Build Their Experience Abroad. To Carry Out Academic Exchanges With Their University Partners. As a matter of fact. To Accompany Them in Internships Abroad or by Preparing a Double Degree. In Canada.

Epitaph, the School That Trains It Experts Epitaph

Correspondingly. Is an It School Created in 1999. Belarus Phone Number List It Trains Experts in the It Sector . Epitech Is Broken Down Into 3 Categories. As a matter of fact. The First Is Called Epitech I. The School of It Expertise.In the first place.  In the first place. The Second Is Epitech Digital .Correspondingly. the School of Digital Transformation. In the first place. The Last Is Epitaph Executive. The Center for Professional and Continuous Training. Pge (Grandes Ecole’s Programs .Also, Epitaph Has 15 Campuses in France. 6 Abroad More Than 3000 Partner Companies and More Than 6000 Students Worldwide.

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Belarus Phone Number List

In the first place. Of Professionalization Located in Paris.Belarus Phone Number List  La Web School Factory Aims to Train Its Students in Web Design. In the first place. Web Marketing and Web Development . Admissions to This School Range From Bac to Bac+3. As a matter of fact. The Web School Factory Seeks to Integrate Its Students Into the Professional World Through . Internship Periods During Training and Also Work- Study Programs . Its Pedagogical System Is Based on Multidisciplinary Teaching Through Projects. As a matter of fact. Also Students Have the Choice of Certain Subjects. For Majors. In the first place. Correspondingly. In the first place. The School for Digital Professions at the Heart of Companies .the Normandie Web School Is Located in Petit-quevilly.In the first place.Near Rouen and Offers 4 Bachelors Training Courses.

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