Establishing an E-Commerce Site with WordPress

For WordPress installation, click the “Services > Service List” tab from the Turhost customer panel  and click the “Management”  button  on the right side of your hosting package  .

Click on the “WordPress Management”  tab on the left menu of the page that opens  . Fill in the site name, user name and password you see here and press the  Create  button.

The password you will set on this screen; This is the password you will use when logging into WordPress.

To start preparing your website, you can go to Benin Phone Number the user login page of WordPress by typing the address of your site in the address bar and adding /wp-admin to the end and enter the username and password you just specified, or you can click the Admin Panel button from the Turhost customer panel.

So you can create your first post by logging into WordPress and  clicking. Tab  on the left in the user panel.

Add New From The Posts

The stages you have completed so far were aimed at having the technological infrastructure. Domain hosting required to set up a website. the platform (WordPress) you will use to add content to your site.

But what should you do if you want to sell on your site?

If you want to sell on your WordPress site, you need to install the WooCommerce plugin. Woo Commerce is a free  and highly functional WordPress plugin that turns your. WordPress website into an e-commerce site in just a few clicks.

Why is Woo Commerce considered the king of the e-commerce world   You can learn from our article. Now let’s explain the installation steps. The first requirement for creating an e-commerce site with Woo Commerce is. Of course, to set up a website with WordPress. After following the steps of “Building a Website with WordPress” above. You should click on Add New in the Plugins tab of your WordPress panel.

Type Woo Commerce in the search bar on the page that opens and  press the. Install Now”  button, you will see that the button turns blue and  says “Activate”  .

After this step, a setup wizard will start, which will require you to enter. Information about the currency and what kind of products you want to sell.

Once you’re done, you can access all your website’s sales-related information. From the WooCommerce tab, which is located at the start of your WordPress panel.

Selling online will allow you to be successful as long as you understand the details you need to master. That’s why we recommend that you take a look at the list below and check out our articles full of the most up-to-date tactics:

You can also be informed about the most basic and up-to-date marketing strategies with our articles that you can access from the Digital Marketing tab of our blog.

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Best Free WordPress Themes

Of course, getting expert support for website design or knowing coding is an important privilege for your site. However, it is not impossible to have professional looking websites for those who want to keep costs low and do not understand coding. Site builders and CMSs have themes that fit almost any industry.

Themes determine how your site will look and design. You can adjust your site’s font, colors, placement of items on your site and details such as menu structure with the theme you have installed on your site.

In addition, the theme you use affects how your site will be displayed and speed on various screens such as desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is because it makes it easy for you to customize your website and make it unique through themes. Thousands of WordPress themes are free. If you wish, you can also try premium themes that offer benefits such as support, code quality and regular updates.

your site; We recommend that you be careful in choosing a theme, as it affects critical issues such as speed, SEO and mobile compatibility. That’s why  you can review our article titled, and take a look at our explanations of popular themes with the highest scores in speed tests.

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