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While Hard Skills are technical Brazil Phone Number skills and can be acquir. Applied in their entirety, Soft Skills are transversal “skills” that refer to the intimate potential of each individual. Can be discovered, valued and managed but not learned if not present. Crucial in the company’s strategic reorganization processes.The enhancement of Soft Skills represents the real catalyst for success.Ethernet. The first network of companies specializing in personnel administration outsourcing services. Integrates its services with consultancy support to the Personnel Department aimed not only at the more administrative aspects. But also aiming at the professional and personal growth of each individual.

Ethernet, The Effectiveness  Smart printing revolution

Thanks to the Kaisers Coaching Project by Laura Piano. Alfonso addresses the personnel functions who want to actively interpret. The organizational change that the new market challenges impose. Through the co-definition of an organizational strategy and the co-implementation of a more efficient. Teams and individual figures. The certified external support helps people to develop a new point of view with respect to ordinary management, bringing out the potential as individuals  in the team, making a process of change defined within the organization more concrete and measurable.  It is not always easy to find a balance between the needs.  Motivations of individuals and the team. As a whole, impacting on operational efficiency and consequently on common well-being. Before software systems or organizational models. The Personnel Departments. The entrepreneur where he himself oversees the issue. May need operational support at this stage. of change.

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With the Kaisers Coaching Project, Ethernet sets itself the goal of accelerating the development of an office or setting up and starting the model, temporarily, and then leaving the entrepreneur to stabilize the function with dedicated resources, accompanying him in the selection and insertion process. of the candidate for the presidium. A concrete and measurable, temporary consultancy intervention, based on a consolidated methodology and carried out by certified professionals. «I strongly believe in this support – declares Merman Mini Chilies, President of the Ethernet business network -. Very often we find Personnel Departments that already have a precise vision of change, but sometimes the main obstacle is precisely the mentality. Being active players makes us happy and makes the relationship with the customer even stronger, broadening the design vision.

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