European Employees Is The

Engagement emotional and rational involvement in one’s work improves the corporate climate. Makes you want to work better and more and decreases turnover. The latest Oracle Simply Talent research gathered comments from mployees of large European companies.

European Employees Is The Key To Productivity

They are the ones who say that, if more involved more listened to in their Hungary Phone Number professional needs, they would be more productive, would try less to leave and would be more willing to contribute on how to improve the organization. This means that companies would earn more in terms of business performance.The main request to management is recognition of results, followed by helping to understand what the individual contribution to the company is  and giving the opportunity to participate in interesting and stimulating projects.

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The research returns a photograph that smacks of an indictment  of respondents attribute to colleagues. The greatest positive impact on their level of involvement in the office twice as many as those. Who attribute credit to their direct bosses or to the managers of the relat business unit. The finger is pointed at senior managers  and direct bosses .

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