Facebook Business Suite, New Business Management Tool

Facebook Business Suite is a new multi-application management tool adapted to SMEs. Facebook’s goal is to bring simplicity and centralized control to managing your content on Facebook, Instagram, and even Messenger. Let’s see what it is, and above all. What this new application will be able to bring you in terms of social media management. The Complete Guide to Getting Start on Facebook Ads. Beginner The Complete Guide to Getting Started on Facebook Ads. The Complete Guide to Getting Start on Facebook Ads. To download Looking for time saving and simplicity. It was last September, so only a few weeks ago, that Facebook launched “Facebook Business Suite”. A new mobile application and a new desktop interface that brings together Facebook. And Instagram publishing, messaging and analytics. In a single dashboard to simplify content management across both platforms.

Facebook Business Suite will soon be available for any type of business on Facebook. However, it is clear that its use is clearly intended for SMEs, due to its focus on the aspects of simplifying the management of Facebook and Instagram content. WhatsApp is not yet included, but it should be next year. Now let’s take a detailed look at the features that Facebook Business Suite offers business users of the social networking giant. 1- You will now be able to view updates instantly: all essential content, including messages, comment alerts and other activities on Facebook and Instagram, which require your attention at all times, will be visible directly from the home screen professional suite. This will make it easy for you to manage and prioritize your business activities on both platforms at any time of the day.


Created Primarily For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises (Smes)

For example, you can try setting up custom saved answers for common questions and create shortcuts to simplify your answers. 2- It will become extremely easy to share your information and announcements with your Facebook and Instagram audiences. To do this, you just have to write a new post in the News Feed for Facebook and Instagram. Then, schedule it to go live at a time that suits you and most importantly will be relevant to your Morocco Phone Number List  audience. 3- You will be able to get an overview of your performance and see what is working in your online strategy on Facebook. To do this, simply click on the “Insights” tab, and you will be able to get an overview of your performance in terms of reach, engagement, interactions, and publications on Facebook and Instagram.


The result ? The visibility of your content will only be greater. Which will have the effect of attracting more Internet users to your business. Everything in one place According to Rich Rao, vice president of Facebook in charge of small businesses. This new application was develope to satisfy entrepreneurs at the head of SMEs. They have indeed let Facebook know, through comments. That they want simpler tools that can centralize different functions. Such as content, messaging, ads and analytics in one place. After the tests carried out on Facebook Business Suite. And the first positive feedback from entrepreneurs. Riche Roa said he was pleasantly surprised by “the value in terms of simplicity. That emerges from this new product”. Especially in this period of health crisis. Which makes the more tense economic and commercial context.


The Business Suite App Now Joins Several Other Facebook Offerings Tailored

To its business customers, including Facebook Pages Manager, Facebook Analytics, and Facebook Ads Manager. Your first steps with Facebook Business Suite Using this new interface/application is actually quite simple. You must first connect your Facebook and Instagram business accounts together. If you haven’t connected both accounts yet, follow the steps below on how to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. To get start, open your Facebook page. Then select Parameters/Settings from the top menu. Then select Instagram. To add an Instagram account to your Page, select “Connect Account”. Finally, enter the username and password that correspond to your Instagram account, then select Connection / Log in.

And that’s it, it’s as simple as that! How do you access Facebook Business Suite from your desktop computer? To access Business Suite on desktop, log in to the Facebook account associated with your business. How to access Business Suite on your mobile? Users of the “Pages Manager” application on mobile will automatically see a notice telling them to upgrade to Business Suite. If you don’t use the Pages Manager app, you can download the Facebook Business Suite app directly from the Android or iOS app store. So, what do entrepreneurs who manage an SME on a day-to-day basis think of this new “Facebook Business Suite” interface? Take the example of a young woman who owns a business specializing in organizing wine events in Milton, Wisconsin.

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