Facebook Messenger Lets Users Watch Videos Together

We’re all trying to get online as often as possible these days.  We’d rather be able to sit and watch videos with friends. It is in this context that Messenger. The famous messaging system incorporated. Into the Facebook social network, is launching a new feature called “Watch Together”.  With this new gadget, Facebook continues its own current trend that aims to breathe new life. Into the entire platform when it comes to “personal connection”. Conversational Marketing. The Complete Guide Intermediate Conversational Marketing. The Complete Guide Conversational Marketing, the Complete Guide.

To download Remember, for example, the launch of Messenger Room in April 2020. Which allowed anyone to join a chat on Messenger. Whereas previously you had to be friends with the person. Who initiated a chat, but also have a Facebook profile. Facebook says there are currently more than 150 million video calls on Messenger every day. And people are sending 200 million videos to each other daily. Stan Chudnovsky, the man behind Facebook’s integrated messaging platform. Recently said in an interview that Messenger is really becoming more and more visual. And the app continues to grow at a very high pace. The video format is one of the current priorities of all the web giants. So, Watch Together , what is it exactly? Enjoy a video together. The new feature offered by Facebook Messenger, will give you the ability to watch videos simultaneously with other people.

Videos On Facebook Watch Can Be Viewed With Friends And Family

Thus, up to 8 users will be able to watch videos with this new feature that could be describe as a “co-viewing” tool. Videos on Facebook Watch can be viewed with friends and family via Messenger video calls. But what videos are we talking about? These are only the videos currently available in the Facebook catalog. However, Facebook intends to acquire more and more films in order to expand its video library, and even to include content from Estonia Phone Numbers List  themselves. The Joint video consumption phenomenon is perhaps among the most popular new app features in 2020. For example, Disney Plus introduced its own version, “GroupWatch”, in early October of this year, following a trend started by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Twitch. Meanwhile, third-party apps like “Scener” allow people to watch several different services together.

We’ve already briefly mentioned Messenger Room above, and it’s also a feature that lets you watch videos together (up to 50 people!) using the main Facebook app. However, you should be aware that Messenger Rooms are by nature more relaxed chat and meeting places, compared to a traditional video call. So, what differentiates unique Messenger Room from regular Messenger video chats is their spontaneous nature. Moreover, this is exactly what the spokesperson for the social media giant announced when he declared during the launch of Room that “Spending time together should be a spontaneous and stress-free action”.  It’s really this aspect that makes them more “casual” compared to standard video calls.



However, Facebook Intends To Acquire More And More Films

Scener has also teamed up with an important partner for the occasion, in the person of HBO, one of the main pay television channels in the United States. There are, however, significant differences between Watch Together and these apps. All have much larger and more popular content libraries than Facebook Watch, which has a somewhat surprising and confusing mix of original series, live events, music videos, creator content, and a small number of Hollywood movies. Also, other common video solutions can be enjoyed on larger screens like your laptop or desktop, while Watch Together will only be able to be used on the small screen of your mobile phone.

That being said, don’t forget that you can use Watch Together in landscape mode! At Messenger, it is said that the first user surveys revealed that this new feature was quite popular and appreciated, especially among users of the famous “next-gen”, i.e. the next generation of growing young adults, who may not yet have access to their own laptops. Watch Together, how does it work? A co-viewing session can be launched as simply as possible by making a video call in Facebook Messenger. Next, swipe up during the video call and tap on the “watch together” option in the menu. From here, you’ll be able to select the content you want to watch, which will be activated when your friends’ video feeds are displayed at the bottom of the screen.


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