Facebook Opened Its Office in Buenos Aires News There

.Buenos Aires Argentina. Company NamedRussia Phone Number List  Facebook Argentina Srl. Legal Domicile City of Buenos Aires Partner Facebook Global Holdings. In the same fashion / way. Term of Duration: 99 Years.corporate Purpose Provide Services Related to Sales Support for Advertising Marketing.In the same fashion / way. public Relations and Communications”. What You Have Just Read Is an Excerpt.In the first place. To say nothing of.  From the Argentine Official Gazette in Which the Official Formation of the Company Facebook Argentina .To say nothing of. Was Published and Therefore the Establishment. Of the Most Popular Social Network in the World in This Country .was Confirmed. In the first place. As Is Clarified in the “Corporate Purpose” of the Brand New.In the same fashion / way.  Company That Already Operates Legally, the Firm Will Provide Marketing.

Public Relations and Communication Services

In the first place. Facebook Lands in the Country. Russia Phone Number List  Where It Has More Than 15 Million Users.as Google Did a Few Years Ago. In the same fashion / way. The Publication in the Official .gazette Occurred After the General Inspectorate of Justice Approved .the Filing of the Company.In the first place.  In Accordance With the New Argentine. Audiovisual Communication Service Law (Whose Approval Generated an. Intense Debate in the Country and Several of the Large Media. Still Do Not Fully Comply), It Will Be Authorized to Operate. In the Local Advertising Market. It Should Be Noted That in Th.e Commercial Format Chosen – an Srl (Limited Liability Company.

Partners Do Not Commit Their Own Assets

Russia Phone Number List

To say nothing of. In the Hypothetical Case of Incurring Debts.  Contributed.In the first place.  In the Formation of the Company.Russia Phone Number List.  Company (in the Case. Of Facebook Argentina and According to the Official. Gazette Pesos (Slightly Less Than Us$10,000. In the first place. The Legal Representation in the Country According to the Same Official Report.In the same fashion / way.  Will Be in Charge of the Titular Manager Pedro Julio Agote. One Detail if You Want to Send Correspondence .In the same fashion / way. To say nothing of. to Facebook Argentina the Exact Address Is “avenida Leandro N. In the first place. Alem 1110 Piso 13 Ciudad Autónoma De.

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