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The social media giant is constantly improving. Honduras WhatsApp Number List Not a day goes by without it trying to innovate .To make its applications more attractive and above all more efficient. A few days ago, the news of the officia.L launch of facebook pay fell. In this case, it is a means of payment set up by. The facebook group. The primary goal is above all to facilitate .Purchases and money transfers on its various platforms. Today, the solution is in your phase. It can already be used in some countries. The facebook group is developing a new payment solutio.N for its users Facebook inc. Owns brands like oculus. Which is today a leader in the field of augmented reality. It also brings together four .Flagship social networks that have made it famous today.

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These include facebook instagram. Honduras WhatsApp Number List Messenger and whatsapp . On these platforms, many virtual shops have emerged. Even more today with the necessary digitization of shops due t.O the post-lockdown crisis . Until then, when they went to the e-shops present. On their social networks, potential buyers did not have the possibility of paying directly. For their purchase on the platform. Social networks thus served .Only as a showcase and relay for the main platforms such as websites. The latter, for their part, were essentially focused on the purchase journey. It was not possible for internet users to pay directly within. The e-store available on social networks. It is in this sense that facebook. Wanted to develop an easier.

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Payment solution for its platforms. What is this new payment method used for? It is essentially .Honduras WhatsApp Number List Dedicated to ease of payment. Like other tools designed for this purpose such. As apple pay or paypal to name a few, facebook pay pre-records the .Contact details of its users. When potential customers wish, for example. To make a purchase on the shop of a facebook merchant. In a few clicks, they can now finalize it. A social cause is particularly close to your heart. And you wish to participate financially? Do not panic any longer.You now have the possibility of participating in its development by making a donation to it via facebook pay. Facebook Pay

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