Facebook: the Data of Millions of Users Has Been Leaked

Technology has digitized social and professional life. As a result of this development.Colombia Phone Number List  Companies as well as individuals have. Decided to embrace the idea of ​​being connected and entrusting. Their personal and professional information to digital platforms. However, the high rate of digital activity and the. Amount of data stored in this virtual world, on facebook for example.Raises questions about data leakage and privacy of personal information. This is how with facebook we noted the leak of data from 533 million users . After critical analysis on this fact. Facebook tried to give the reasons related to this incident.

Ireland Against Facebook on the Leak of Data

Link to alon gal’s tweet underthebreach. Colombia Phone Number List The reasons for the data leak of the 533 million facebook. Users data breach is a security incident where maliciou.S people gain unauthorized access to your personal and confidential data. This fact is due to several reasons that facebook tried to explain to its millions of users. First, unwanted exposure of sensitive information. On the internet can be a boon for criminals. They have the opportunity to have the easiest access to your data. Then, these malware take advantage of vulnerabilities. In authorization control systems to gain access to computer systems and.

The Rapid Development of Information

Colombia Phone Number List

Private information of companies or individuals. Colombia Phone Number List Data theft can also be due to negligence .Or error on the part of those who possess it. It can be an employee if it is a company. Indeed be aware that criminals exploit all the security .Practices of weak companies to achieve their end. They can also access confidential. Information through misplaced or improperly decommissioned devices. In addition the theft of information can also be done by an external. Person in the case of a company by intrusion. Finally, the leakage of confidential data. Can be carried out by a current employee or a former employee who had.

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