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Facebook’s own employees . Norway Phone Number Offensive content also targeted .Our mission is for you to interact with. Users and with the things you enjoy. And this is only possible if users can express. Themselves freely on our application. We are aware that many. Have to deal with bullying. Especially young people. »adam mosseri ceo of instagram the facebook. Subsidiary had already wanted to crack. Down on offensive comments. With a strategy that uses artificial intelligence. The aim of this tool was to preven. Online harassment as much as possible. And to give more power to the victims of this harassment. Thus, last july, instagram developed its use. Of artificial intelligence, and notified a user who. Was about to publish an offensive comment.

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The application wants to see the user meditate on his act. Furthermore victims of these behaviors can restrict. A user’s (abusive) comments with bad intentions. They will be the only ones to see their comments. Norway Phone Number Which will be invisible. Source instagram it is our responsibility. To create a healthy environment on our platform. This has been a priority for us for some time, and we continue to invest in better understanding and solving this problem. We look forward to bringing you additional. Updates very soon”adam mosseri instagram now want.S to move up a gear . The company announced a few days ago that .It is extending its device to the publication of photos and videos. Indeed the warning message received by the application will now be.

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Displayed following offensive content. The device is still based on artificial intelligence. Norway Phone Number It will make the link with previous reports. This tool nevertheless leaves the choice to the user. To publish all the same, his comment deemed offensive. Source instagram what to remember.Norway Phone Number  Facebook is often criticized for its lack. Of firmness in the face of false information. The american giant has decided to rectify the situation this year, concerning harassment and fake news. As the 2020 u.S. Presidential election approaches. There is a correlation there. But beyond that, we feel that marc zuckerberg wants. To silence the critics and make instagram. A much healthier platform. So do not hesitate to contact your smo agency.

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