Facebook Update Instagram Direct and Messenger Merging

Instagram messenger merge a year and a half ago.Hungary WhatsApp Number List  Mark zuckerberg announced his desire to .Merge the three subsidiaries of the facebook group. In particular, through the instant messaging of each. A few days ago, the social networking giant began .Merging two of them namely that of facebook and that of its subsidiary instagram. Previously announced merger now started by facebook as mentioned above.Instagram direct and facebook messenger will now have the same messaging. The observation of this new update was made by the american site the verge . For once, several employees of the. Company noticed by looking at their phone screen.An update that was being made on the instagram application.

Freely Enjoy the Features Made Available to Them

For several minutes. Hungary WhatsApp Number List A simple home page was displayed. It bore the title.There’s a new way to messenger on instagram”. It also specified the four main lines of this update. 1- exchange from an instagram account directly. With friends who have an account on facebook.Benefit from a greater choice of emojis on chats.- take advantage of the new colors for messaging. 4- now able to. Respond directly to messages by simply .Swiping the screen. The message displayed on the homepage. Of the instagram network during the merge of instant messengers. Source the verge . Full update rollout at this tim. Cross-messaging is only available in the united states. A spokesperson for the facebook group.

Network to Which They Have Not Subscribedto

Hungary WhatsApp Number List

Would also have specified that this was only a test phase.Hungary WhatsApp Number List  For the beta phase to be initiated. We will still have to be patient. Indeed it will not extend to other countries for a few months. What projects for the facebook group in the short and long term. In the short term facebook intends to openly compete with apple’s. I message instant messaging service. By combining the three messaging services of its group.The platform will acquire more weight and thus take more market share. As for his long-term vision.Mark zuckerberg wants a single connection on o.Ne of the three networks of his group giving access to all platforms. Thus it plans to make access possible for users of one of its three networks. Who have no affiliate account on the other two platforms of the group. In other words, they will connect to a social .

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