February A Webinar On The


February A Webinar With the spread of digital technologies, the role of the HR Bulgaria Phone Number function Bulgaria Phone Number changes. The need for timely training able to provide the skills necessary to respond. Adequately to the dictates of the transformation in progress is growing. With the aim of clarifying the evolving trends of the context that influence the role of the HR Director. How to manage talents and technological tools to support. Horizontal Impress , offers the free webinar Lean Thinking.The professional development of all human resources involved in the processes”.

February A Webinar On The Role Of Human Resources

Helps to arrive at innovative solutions in a very short time.And it is precisely to the six managerial roles mentioned Bulgaria Phone Number above that the. Academy’s training offer is address with ad ho packages that include a thematic webinar.

Bulgaria Phone Number

A webinar on the reference Team System technology. A moment of confrontation between entrepreneurs This year the program is aimed in particular at   company managers, called to continuously interpret their role in a market and regulatory context that is constantly changing. Even entrepreneurs can find a reflection in technology. Connecting your business area with IT transforms your.


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