Finally, You Can Personalize Your Thank You Message Here

This can be interesting to promote a job offer. Let’s imagine that here you want to receive e-mails for applications for a position with very high responsibilities. Select the information you want to obtain about the prospect. Here it will be interesting to choose the degree and the university. In general, don’t overcrowd the forms, no one wants to fill out endless forms. Ask yourself if the one you are asking is useful in your strategy. Last possibility here: adding a personalized question. You can choose two complementary questions. What is the color of Henri IV’s white horse. Last possibility here is to add a personalized question It is unlikely. That this question will be useful to you, just stretch your imagination!

Here are some examples : Thank you, watch your e-mails, the Junto team has registered your interest and will not fail to contact you. The call to action must be fill in here, you have 5 choices. Visit the company’s website Learn more See To Singapore Phone Number List  Try now Again. Logical and choose an action button that matches your strategy. Define who will see your ads. Define who will see your ads We’re talking about Custom Audiences here. If you have already created an audience. This is when you must select it for the others, follow the guide. Create an audience Geographical criteria The first option is for the geographical area. You can include or exclude areas as well as target members who live in the given location, again for a sponsored job posting you are definitely looking for candidates living near the company, in this case.



Targeting criteria Let’s imagine that your strategy is to reach pilots for your airline

Or to sell them the latest watch designed specifically for air piloting. You can do this by choosing to target a current position or a former position. target a current position a former position Audience estimate Depending on the choices you are going to filter, you can access an estimate of your audience. Our airline pilots are 14,000 not so weak for an exclusive position! +1 LinkedIn Audience estimate Ad Extensions Fasten your seatbelts, Linkedin is in control! This feature allows you to amplify your campaign by displaying your ads to a wider audience, be careful though, this option is not very transparent. It is also clearly indicated that your campaign statistics do not include extensions, the lack of transparency would tend to make us advise against this option.

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Set your campaign budget Set your campaign budget Here you must choose the goal of your campaign with 3 options available: Notoriety Open lead forms Prospect form submissions The type of auction is automatically selected here, for the notoriety choice, you will be on a cost-per-impression economic model, the idea will be to present your advertising to as many people as possible without really worrying about conversion and ROI. It is inevitably the least transparent choice, because it is difficult to control, but it is the one that will be recommended to promote your brand and as part of a visibility strategy. The opening of prospect forms is configured with no possible choice on the CPC (cost per click). “It’s the price you pay per click each time someone clicks on your ad.



You can specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click

This choice is interesting in order to more easily measure your return on investment, also you will be able to more easily achieve your objectives according to a previously established budget. Choosing to submit the lead form also works on a CPC business model. Note: in the context of LEAD generation campaigns, you cannot configure conversion tracking. All you have to do is configure: The daily budget Auctions If your daily budget is 20 euros and you set the bid to 20 euros, you will mathematically only get one LEAD.

An optimized ad is an ad with a low CPC. It is here thanks to the quality of your ad and your target that you can lower your CPC. In our example the minimum bid must be configure at 2.10 euros, if you are face with strong competition the prices can soar, we know that the platforms always overprice the auctions a little, it’s fair game… Take this into account and above all, do several tests! Articles to help you: Set bid, daily budget, total budget, end date for your campaign How clicks and ad billing work in Campaign Manager Advertising costs Payment and validation Payment and validation Step number 5 invites you to pay for your campaign.


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