First Ask Yourself Which Social Networks Your Buyer Persona Spends

This is really a crucial step, because too many companies tend to automatically jump on Facebook. For example, because it is the largest platform in the world. As a simple recommendation, we think that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are good choices if you work in BtoC. While LinkedIn and Twitter seem more appropriate for BtoB. Obviously, there are other social networks to consider for your digital strategy, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc. Let’s take a concrete example with Facebook, and see how you could organize your inbound marketing on the most popular platform in the world. Most companies rush to Facebook, because indeed, there is a good chance that their buyer persona will be there (Facebook has more than 2 billion active members in 2020). But before launching all your marketing forces on Facebook.

If you don’t know, Facebook can help you by giving you an idea of ​​your audience size. Be careful, because Facebook always favors sponsored posts, which means that you will have to budget for your Facebook Ads. If after reflection, you think that Facebook is the ad hoc network, we advise you to follow the following 4 steps to optimize your inbound marketing strategy: Join as many Facebook groups related to your activity, and as you go, bring your expertise. Organize contests in order to collect as many email addresses as possible. Create personalized tabs on your page, so that your Facebook account becomes a real lead trap. Don’t fall into the race for Likes! Focus first and foremost on your target audience and don’t go against the grain of inbound marketing.

The Way To Convince Your Visitors

It’s time to take the next step: Convert your traffic into leads After trying so hard to drive traffic to your website, it’s time to turn the tryout, as they say in sports parlance, on. Because if you do not succeed in obtaining contact elements with your visitors, all your upstream content work will be in vain. It is therefore a question of not missing what is Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List  in terms of inbound marketing the conversion phase. It consists in transforming a simple visitor into a lead, that is to say someone who shows a certain interest in your product or service. Here are some methods to optimize your conversion rate. You will have to offer your visitors to fill out a form, in order to obtain valuable information such as name, email, telephone number, address, etc. The problem lies in how to bring this form in front of your visitors.

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The way to convince your visitors to go to your landing page is to use the lead magnet technique, a kind of incentive to give something (user’s email, for example) in exchange for something. something else (exclusive content to download, for example).  It is actually an essential component of your inbound marketing strategy. To make your calls-to-action more effective, be subtle. For your marketing strategy, for example, offer your visitors quality content (the famous lead magnet) capable of responding to their problems and helping them to go further in their thinking. You can place your CTAs directly within your content, in the form of a button or a social media link.

Your Buttons Need To Be Visible And Well Positioned

As for your lead magnet, it must be as attractive as possible. And moreover the subject of your content must be impeccable and relevant, more than the content itself. Finally, since what matters to you is is essentially to convert visitors into leads for your business. Your lead magnets could take the form of a white paper, infographic. Slideshare or other things. Do not underestimate the development of your form either. Because it is its filling that will condition the rest of the purchase journey and therefore generate traffic. Indeed, we see too many cases of Internet users who begin to complete the form. But give up before they have finished. You must therefore absolutely optimize your forms and landing pages, for example by offering only one form with personalized pages.

While for your landing pages you need to maintain visual consistency, remove all distractions and think mobile-friendly. If you’ve followed all our advice so far for your sales process, your chances of making conversions increase exponentially. But the game is far from over for your business! Close the sale After generating enough traffic and converting your leads, it is now time to reap the rewards of all your efforts. To do this, you need to understand what the customer journey looks like, which is often presented in the form of a funnel (inbound marketing funnel). So, before starting any lead nurturing and marketing automation action, be sure to correctly identify your leads. For example, we talk about MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) for a lead who is interested in your product/service and who ticks all the boxes in terms of targeting.

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