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Do not forget: Through experience. people know the product. trust it and it makes it easier for them to make the purchase decision. They innovate and offer the public what they want Think about the following: How has a band managed to stay relevant after 54 years? How to sell more than 200 million dollars and remain in the top of the most successful bands of all time? Although for lovers of ‘the dinosaurs of rock’ there will be more reasons. but without a doubt their capacity for innovation and for fusing new genres. have allowed them to conquer grandparents. parents and grandchildren.

Tips-MarketingThe same is true in business. If we are not attentive to new trends. the time will come when we run out of customers. If you want your Canada whatsapp number list company to last over time. remember: The market changes every minute and likewise people’s tastes and habits change. Ask yourself then: how is your target changing ? Determine what your customers expect to be new in your products or services and based on all this panorama. offer something new and provide solutions adjusted to their current needs. They maintain a lasting relationship with their audience Like any love relationship.

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client-company relationships must be cultivated and courtship should be a constant. Thus: Create communication channels to be in contact with your audience and have the possibility of receiving feedback . This will make your customers feel important and they will know that you think of them. Social networks or email marketing are very effective tactics to achieve this long-term connection. Generate segmented marketing campaigns. If your business is related to pets . for example. create exclusive campaigns on services for dogs.

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or food for birds. or accessories for cats. Determine those different niches within your audience and target them. After the purchase. explore how else you can satisfy those desires of your target audience . The key is to stay close and create the need for urgency. They use new technologies in their favor In the more than 50 years of life of the Stones I am sure that there have been many marketing strategies that they have deployed. but the truth is that these eternal rockers have known how to adapt to each era. Tips-MarketingToday audiences are increasingly digitized and seek brands to interact with them.

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So don’t forget to apply these marketing tips: The digital age is now! It is essential to have an attractive website. be present on social networks and be aware of new marketing trends where digital (with great emphasis on mobile) is becoming increasingly important. Generate valuable. attractive and useful content through different media and in different formats ( integrated marketing or also called 360° ). which helps to reinforce your brand strategy ( branding ) and impact on a larger scale and with better results. . Conclution Being a brand that remains in force over the years depends on many factors and. without a doubt.

one of them is putting into practice these marketing tips that they seek. More than generating a sale caring for the public and generating loyalty . Trust and credibility. Rest assured that if you achieve this. you will be remembered as a “legend”. Do you think I missed any other advice for your. SME or company to be the Rolling Stones of your sector? Last year we learned that for the first time. more than half of the. Queries Google receives worldwide are made from mobile devices. However. many still ignore this fact and continue to. Postpone the obligation to develop advertising strategies specifically aimed at the mobile universe.

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