Focus On Talent Management

The cloud version of SAP is much more Poland Phone Number flexible than the traditional one. In does not require customization by experts. Evolutionary maintenance is the provider’s responsibility, with releases released every three and six months and immediately working on our systems. For us, time saving and immediate usability of data are priorities. Smartphone or tablet and the response rate is available in real time. We have also redesigned the compensation processes, a key chapter of our strategy, and the system with its flexibility has been helpful, streamlining many administrative procedures.

Focus On Talent Management With The Cloud

Have you also revised the evaluation system or Poland Phone Number is it just a technical evolution? Yes, we have included more advanced kpi. Today we measure high potential young people not only on the basis of performance, but also on other more incisive indicators of retention.Professional development, such as their contribution to global projects. With the central Poland Phone Number system, then, we cross-reference the results with the tables of skills (Career development), thus understanding which skills we have at home with respect to company needs. We are focusing a lot on internal job moving : internal recruiting becomes more targeted and we give the opportunity to take over your career, crossing your skills with higher and horizontal free positions. And if there is a gap to fill,   Poland Phone Number

What are the most sought after figures Poland Phone Number outside? We have an internship policy with European universities, with the aim of stabilizing the best ones indefinitely. We focus on young talents and are always interest in meeting digital developer engineers. But also with remarkable creative skills and vision skills. We have a limited turnover, less than 10% voluntary. With an equitable gender distribution: 52% men and 48% women, even in managerial positions. In a constantly evolving world and with our highly technological services, we must be quick to adapt and equip ourselves with adequate skills.

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