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Success seo 5 reasons to use.Austria Phone Number  WordPress for your site since its release in 2003. WordPress has enjoyed remarkable success. Today, it powers 35% of websites and its most recen.T version (wordpress 5.4.Released on march 31 2020 has already been downloaded more than 5 million times in the four corners of the globe. If you are still hesitant to join its many users and use wordpress for your website.The following will surely convince you. Since you are still in the thinking phase on this subject. It means that you do not have full knowledge of the advantages that wordpress could have on your digital marketing strategy .Or on the visibility of your website. Accordingly we give you 5 reasons why you should use.

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WordPress for your website. Austria Phone Number You will understand why it is considered .The best web content management system and the best website .Creation software of the moment. 1. WordPress is free and open-source software WordPress is free to use and modify. Which is why its source code can be easily found. No costs are therefore to be expected for its installation and use. It is also perfect for optimizing the natural referencing of your website. At wordpress.Org you can control your site.Austria Phone Number  Manage your blog content. And take advantage of the most advanced plugins . On the other hand, on wordpress.Com the features offered correspond mainly to complete beginners. As a result it is not the most used by companies.

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However although WordPress is free. Austria Phone Number Chances are you will end up spending a bit of money. To get some options for customizing. And modifying your website. The amount to be paid can start at €3 per month for .The cheapest shared servers on the market. The amount can be higher (up to a few hundred euros per mont. For users with more needs in terms of performance. Themes plugins and other features. WordPress is fairly easy to use one of the reasons for the rapid. Development of WordPress is the fact that it is easy to use . Installation takes just a few clicks. And there are plenty of built-in plugins for blogging.

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