Gartner How To Create

Creating a digital workplace : easy to say, often d Finland Phone Number ifficult to implement. Could be a kind of manifesto with ground rules on how to create successful digital jobs. These and other reflections will be the subject of the Summit. Next 21-22 September in London.Its goal is to inspire employees to act. It is important that it is accompanied by other formal documents. Executive strategy and other project management artifacts.

Gartner How To Create A  Digital Workplace

“The basic idea of ​​a digital Finland Phone Number workplace said Matthew W. Cain, Vice President. Analyst at Gartner -, which aims to strengthen employee engagement. Efficiency through a more consumer environment, is often difficult. to be translat into concrete actions. The fundamental principles and desired outcomes must be explain in simple language. Which reflects the culture and values ​​of the company, offering prescriptive indications.

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According to Gartner, we should first and Finland Phone Number foremost encourage people to work publicly. Sharing results, objectives and activities, to increase collaboration and innovation , always respecting privacy. Technical tools to pursue personal improvement and lead the company towards digital innovation. Employees, through the construction of a story.

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