General, HR initiatives To Exploit

“Human Capital, understand as the intelligence. Is Denmark Phone Number at the center of General’s strategy”. Says Glucagon Peron, Human Resources. Organization Director of General , in this video interview. The Denmark Phone Number Shackleton organized by General has precisely the objective of being able to put this capital to good use. Focusing on the interaction between people in a different context than usual.

 A way To Overcome Silos

Working by combining different Denmark Phone Number skills shortens time. Amplifies the innovative capacity. That makes people’s participation in the future of the company concrete. Ideas have been implemented. Made operational to Denmark Phone Number all intents and purposes.

Denmark Phone Number

All this is part of the “Wow” (Ways of Working) strategy, which leads General to transform. The way they work, to keep up with the times. Various initiatives have started in this sense. With the ultimate aim of changing the way the company is  lived every day, to bring innovation. Involvement and participation. An example of this are the Shackleton, From which mini Shackleton were born that involve people on more specific issues.  A series of events in “TED mode”, created to promote. The contamination of ideas on  topical issues, through.

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