Give More Possibilities To Compare Products Easily

So, by using standard auto-complete attributes, you can keep your customers happy by helping Chrome auto-fill your checkout forms with 100% accuracy. In addition, it has become common to indicate to users that they are wrong in filling out a form, and, if necessary, they can rectify their error. To finish on this subject, we recently observed the China Phone Number List   at Google of a “one tap” system, thanks to which all you have to do is tap on a button to register for a new Android or web app. You don’t have to provide a lot of detail over and over again, and that’s good. 3- Give more possibilities to compare products easily It’s always exhausting, if not impossible, to compare products simultaneously on mobile e-commerce applications. What you can do on a PC — open as many tabs as you want — mobile doesn’t allow it.

To remedy this handicap, e-commerce platforms must now offer consumers the possibility of sorting search results more easily, and comparing products to better appreciate the market offer. We must mention here the PWA functionality (progressive web app), capable of running a single application on a variety of media (web, Android iOS). The big advantage of this technology is that it is viewed like a normal web page, and provides a UX similar to that of an application. Your mobile and web sites are similar, and you have a two-in-one platform, in a way, with the same technical and visual characteristics.


Advance Online Product Presentation

And above all, it allows you to access pages without being connected to the internet. When you have loaded a page, you will be able to consult it again. Even if you do not have an internet connection. It is much more practical to compare products. And prices between several e-merchants. And then its development is cheaper than that of a mobile application. Advance the presentation of products online The presentation of products on mobile applications is often the subject of complaints from consumers, as photos and descriptions are often insufficient in terms of quality and detail. So to satisfy customers, use high-quality photos, even videos or augmented reality sequences. Your images and photos must be able to be enlarged while maintaining an acceptable level of quality, and be compatible with the landscape format.

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The fact of presenting your products. In a real environment is also a serious advantage in the eyes of users. To design an e-commerce app with optimized composition. Design, and UX pages, you should take a look at the following document published by Google in April 2020. Be more transparent about the display of important information Last thing. You absolutely must be transparent and clear about certain essential information. And this also applies to websites. No one likes to find out that, for example. Your e-commerce site is going to charge such an extra amount for delivery. Or that the item you saw on the brand’s catalog is unavailable. When you arrived at the final stage of the order.


Be More Transparent About The Display Of Important Information

Above all, avoid keeping this information hidden and providing it only when paying. As this is particularly irritating. Everything concerning miscellaneous costs. Delivery and return conditions, in particular, must be clearly indicated before pressing “Order”. “No hidden costs” is a basic principle for online commerce. Which must be respected, otherwise many prospects will flee. Conclusion After reading this article, you will probably want to hire a mobile strategy specialist. Who can assess mobile user behaviors in the face of the barriers we mentioned above. It will then be necessary to define priorities and implement functionalities that will improve the mobile experience of customers on your e-commerce application. And then, the problems that we have listed are far from being exhaustive.


We could also have talked about payment options that sometimes seem insecure to consumers. Or the lack of investment by brands and companies in updating their sales platform, whether on mobile or desktop. Which, in the end, gives a negative impression to the users. Product detail pages or custom pages that you have, such as your own home page. Another difference between Amazon DSP targeting and retargeting Amazon DSP and sponsored ads is the choice of target group. While Amazon Advertising only allows targeting with limited keywords, products. And target groups, Amazon DSP also provides the ability to retarget. And create your own target groups (advertiser audience/advertiser audience and lookalike audience/lookalike audience).

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