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Cristiano the sad and the “little details”. CR7’s stay in Madrid was highly demanding at all times. during his time at the club he won 16 titles. four of them would be the Champions League. he scored 450 goals in 438 games. making him the all-time top scorer in the club. club. this on the collective plane. within the personal. he competed at all times with Messi and won 5 gold balls that commemorate the best player of the year. although his first recognition of this type was when he was a member of Manchester United. Despite these numbers. on occasions. the player did not feel loved by his fans.

teammates as well as the board. During 2012 this became evident when he declared to the press that he was sad. since even at various times. he was not the highest paid player on the team. despite being the main Greece whatsapp number list reference. Likewise. the relationship he had with Florentino Pérez . president of Real Madrid. revealed tensions at various times. Meanwhile. during an interview with the DANZ streaming platform . Ronaldo indicated the factors that influenced his decision to join Juventus. as well as the team’s goals for this season. “It’s the little details that make the difference” was one of the statements with which the footballer acknowledged that arriving in Turin was an easy decision to make.

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The Chilean that he made to convert the goal. considered the best of the previous edition of the Champions League. to Juventus; led to the audience recognizing the play and applauding the goal against his team. this impressed the Portuguese. Meanwhile. the team’s goals are to win Serie A. the Italian Cup and go as far as possible in the Champions League. The data revolution is changing the world of sports. helping elite athletes train. increase sales during sporting events. facilitate access to stadiums and keep spectators safe. Big Data has changed entire industries thanks to the use of sensors such as the Internet of Things (IoT) at an affordable cost to collect data. optimize processes and operate remotely.

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Indeed. this digital strategy has been a daily part of developed countries and is expected to play a role in Mexico as the country joins an increasingly digitized world. “Rapid technological advances have made it possible to collect. process and analyze large amounts of data at a lower cost than ever before; In this way. Big Data has not only made possible the transformation and optimization of resources of a refinery or a power plant. but has also generated the possibility of discovering how an athlete trains and how to improve public transport to a sporting event” . said Fernando Escalante. director of the IT business unit at Schneider Electric. For the executive. there are four areas where.

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Big Data is transforming and facilitating decision-making in the world of sports. On the field of play:  Sports analytics is the introduction of Big Data systems in sports. It is an upward trend in which many athletes and teams are already equipped with the latest technology. On the field of play millions of data imperceptible to the human. Eye can be collected through different technological tools such as. Presence of cameras to carry out detailed monitoring of all movements. Presence of sensors in the players’ uniforms that measure individual performance. The teams have Big Data specialists. In charge of analyzing the large amounts of information data. Which is used to improve performance. prevent injuries and modify game tactics.

All this to anticipate and solve different problems and make strategic decisions on the field of play. The most important thing is that the technology allows us to receive this data in real time. For this reason coaches and their assistants. Can do analysis in the same match and modify their techniques even within game time. In shops and public services around matches. Any massive sporting event brings a huge number of people to the cities. Who are going to consume products. Food and who will also use the city’s services. The IoT allows knowing many data of these users. From where they connect to the internet. To which matches they will attend and even. Through which stadium gate they will enter.

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