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Unveils its new bert algorithm new development. Tunisia Phone Number In the google bert file! Via its twitter account. The mountain view company announced yesterday Monday December 9. That its new algorithm had been deployed. First launched on English searches. Global queries weren’t supposed to be covered until mid-2020. Your seo agency therefore returns once again. To the subject to give you the latest informatio.N on this google bert update. A premature deployment as a reminder, google bert is the acronym for bidirectional. Encoder representations from transformers. This corresponds to a technique based .On neural networks for the automatic processing of natural language.

Important, but There Will Not Be a Revolution in

The objective of this major algorithmic update .Will be to better understand the requests of internet users. Tunisia Phone Number Thanks to machine learning. The sudden and absolutely unplanned arrival. Of this Bert update may come as a surprise. Indeed john Mueller had declared. During the sax paris 2019 last novembe.That this algorithmic update would not see the light of day for six months. Even a year in france and on a global scale. However. The webmaster trends analyst said. On his twitter account that he had. Not given any dates or time for the deployment of the update. Although he acknowledges that google bert. Arrived faster than he thought. Still google bert is now well and truly launched by the search engine.

So, the Changes Announced Are Very

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The coverage of this algorithmic update will. Not be progressive: it takes effect directly!.Tunisia Phone Number More than 70 languages. Including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. Arabic and even mandarin. See their searches on google affected by the update. The previous modifications, related to this update? Following criticism from seos and consor. Tunisia Phone Number John Mueller also took advantage of sax Paris 2019 to speak out about the situation. According to him, the implementation of the most important algorithmic update for 5 years had .Nothing to do with the sea changes that sees and .Webmasters had spotted between November 8 and 9. He added that google makes regular updates.Without necessarily communicating it officially

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