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Data we will see if our world leader will follow suit. Iran Phone Number The powertrafic agency provides you with its expertise. In the distribution of advertising content on the web. If you would like us to strategically. Drive the promotion of your products and services through. The podcast channel, contact usmond.May 4 202 it was on the google search liaison twitter account, created by danny sullivan to officially communicate about the google search network that an update announcement was made. Indeed, google announced that a major update. Was being launched. The last update of this kind took place last january . As at the beginning of the year and as its name suggests ( may 2020 core update. This new update affects the .

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Core of the search engine algorithm . Iran Phone Number The update makes it possible to reassess the ranking. Of search results in a more relevant way. What are the effects of this change? Your seo agency. Takes stock of the situation. Announcing the google may 2020 core update lately.Google has taken to announcing major updates on twitter. But these are usually not just any updates. This is, in google’s words. Core algorithm update ”. The changes made are therefore at the heart .Of the algorithm and thus affect the search ranking algorithm . Thus following this core update , your website may be better ranked in search results.But also less well ranked. The effects of this important update .Are not necessarily instantaneous.

Searches Have Inevitably Focused on the Coronaviru

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Google has, in fact, specified that the total deployment. Of the update could take up to one to two weeks. Iran Phone Number An update in a particular context as usual, google did not specify. More details on the objectives of the update. On the other hand, we know that it happens in .A very specific context, which is the covid-19 epidemic. And the resulting health crisis. We know that the confinement. Has had unusual effects on the search trends of internet users. As the moderator’s blog reports. Shortly before the update was announced. Iran Phone Number Google posted a tweet explaining that single-topic searches had never been more important than those for covid-19.

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