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This online tool, which claims to “boost your business with a quick and easy assessment of your retail website” is able to provide relevant insight into what is working on your website, while suggesting recommendations that would do better. Be careful, do not expect very high level advice. In very small print, that “the information and recommendations generated by this tool are given for information only. Google does not guarantee changes or improvements in your site’s performance. So, here you are warned, in case you were waiting for the miracle solution to make your business take off in a spectacular way from the Internet giant. But then, this analysis tool, attractive at first glance, will it be of any use to you? That’s what we’re going to see. What is “Grow My Store”?

By Google that will allow you to evaluate the “customer experience”. Of your website and provide advice on how to improve it. At the end of its analysis, Google offers you a report organized according to a series of factors important to customers. Including the following: Information about products for sale Details about your online store. The “personalization” of your site The frictionless/smooth shopping experience.  The performance of your site. But how can Google know what customers are looking for first in an e-commerce site? Google actually uses information from various studies conducted. In partnership with two major research agencies: Ipsos MORI and Kantar TNS.



Grow My Store Is A Tool Developed

Using this data, Google has the ability to create a personalized report for each website, which shows where it stands in terms of performance, compared to sites that offer the best customer experiences in their category. How do I use Grow My Store? Just go to the site dedicated to Grow My Store Next, you’ll need to enter your site’s URL, hit the “start” button, and the report will begin to run. So it happens very quickly. For example, do you sell Ecuador Phone Number List  only, in-store only, or both? It is then time to select the industry in which your business operates. You can choose up to 5 (clothing, beauty care product, computers/electronics, food/groceries, home and garden accessories), if you wish, with an open field for “Other” if none. ‘t suits you. Then click “Continue” and you will get a preview of the report for your business.

To take full advantage of it, you must register using the “Get my full report” button at the top right. Note that you will need a Google account for this step. Then insert your details and wait for the full report to run. This may take some time, so you can also check out the “Reach More Customers” section of the site and look at categories related to your industry to see how searches have changed over time, as well as the top five topics associated with the subcategories you added. For example, if you have a furniture store, you can examine the curve for online searches for tables, sofas, desks, etc. It actually looks a lot like Google Trends… The Grow My Store Report There you go, your report is finally ready.



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You can then view each section of the report by clicking on the “Learn more” link to view the recommendations therein. This gives an overview of what you’re doing well. What you’re not doing well, with fairly vague information. On how many retailers in your industry are rate “good”. For each section of the report. If you are attentive to the data relating to your e-commerce and you already use powerful analysis tools, then Grow My Store will not bring you much. On the other hand, if you are new to online sales and you don’t know much about the customer experience on the internet, Grow My Store will give you some interesting avenues to explore, and it will be up to you to go further. using more comprehensive and accurate analysis tools.

With Google When ‘  Think With Google  ’ first launched in 2013 as ‘Think Insights’, its goal was to use Google’s massive database to provide marketers with relevant insights into trends. related to consumption. For Google, the main challenge was to turn these masses of numbers into meaningful information for marketers. Originally designed as a search-oriented content site, Think With Google has since grown into a resource center for e-entrepreneurs and web marketers of all stripes, including a must-see section for those passionate about e -commerce: the Advertising Solutions Center Let’s first briefly introduce the Think With Google platform, which contains a lot of interesting things for people who work in e-commerce.

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