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Google shopping free now google shopping. Poland Phone Number Announced this week that the services it offers are free. The descendant of a long line of online platforms is trying a new free experience. Poland Phone Number But this time, the decision is only made for the time .Of the resolution of the coronavirus crisis. Google shopping: what is it for the oldest. You have surely known it under the name of froogle .When it was launched in december 2012) or google product search modified in april 2007. At the very beginning of its creation, many likened it to .An online price comparison. But it is in fact the platform created by google .To catalog the products offered for sale on the internet. Today and this since may 31 2012 its name changes again and officially becomes.

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The google shopping that we know. Poland Phone Number The changes did not only affect its name. Since now it will be a service entirely monetized by the group. In reality, product classification is done in a whole new way. From now on, web sellers must pay google. For the right to represent their products on this service. Google shopping: a temporary. Return to free product display thanks to covid-19. The announcement fell two days ago. It is now possible to sell for free on google . Bill ready president of the commerce sectio .Was the author of this good news for e-merchants. As explained previously google shopping services. Have not always been paid for. Basically they were made available to. E-merchants free of charge for the first.

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Ten years of its use.Poland Phone Number  It is therefore a momentary return .To the original platform that we observe. Even if it is a temporary decision.Poland Phone Number  The american giant still offers a completely free new way to experiment with its online catalog. Why was such a resolution taken? A way here to resuscitate the ancestor of google shopping to help.Above alle-sellers as best as possible. It is therefore officially in order to give a real boost to the online retail trade that google shopping has decided to offer its services free of charge. In this press release dated april 21.2020 the president of the commerce section recalls how much retail businesses

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