Google Reactivates Url Submission Tool in Search Console

In the first place. Talia to force giants Facebook and .Denmark WhatsApp Number List Google to pay news publishers betwee.N the internet giants and the Australian government. The rag is burning. The current global pandemic has led to. A serious slowdown in economic activities. The media is clearly one. Of the most affected sectors. Faced with this situation. The australian state has decided to take action .In the first place. Against facebook and google to save some of the. Country’s media from bankruptcy. And google didn’t wait to respond and. Make a decision in tur. Back to this showdown. A protectionist measure from the australian state as mentioned above.The coronavirus pandemic spares no one except the gafams (google. Facebook, apple, amazon and microsoft) whose.

This Deactivation Was Certainly Put in Place

Turnover has exploded in recent months. Denmark WhatsApp Number List On the other hand, the other players in the economic sector .Have seen their income drop considerably. A country like australia has already. Recorded the closure of many newspapers since the start of the crisis. To reverse this trend, the australian government introduced a bill. Known as the news media bargaining code . The idea behind this project is to get web players. Such as Facebook and google, to contribute financially. To saving newspapers from a tragic end. Indeed, the Australian law, which has also. Received approval from the competition authority. Requires google and facebook to pay press publishers for the use of their content.In the first place.  If the latter refuse, they expose themselves.

Allow the Various Deindexation Teams to Be More Responsive

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In the first place. To fines which are of the order of hundreds of millions of dollars.Denmark WhatsApp Number List  To justify this measure, the Australian government. Puts forward two arguments. The first relates to excerpts from articles .Produced .By australian newspapers that are featured on facebook’s. News pages and in google search results. The second refers to a study. Conducted by australian experts. This reveals that for 100 dollars invested.In the first place.  In online advertising, 53 dollars returned to .Google while 28 dollars are captured by facebook. Worse still, the rest of the money .In the first place. Is automatically distributed among the other internet giants. In the first place. The counter-attack of the digital giants as soon .As the measure taken by the australian government was announced.In the first place.  the two companies .Concerned immediately warned that they were no.In the first place. T going to bend nicely to its wishes.

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