Google Sanctioned for Its Misleading Classification of

Hotel ratings google condemned for. Tunisia Phone Number List Assigning its own stars french hoteliers.Victims of google’s ranking system can now rejoice. Indeed the search engine was condemned last. February by the repression of fraud to a. Fine of 1.1 million euros for having implemented. A “misleading classification” of hotels and tourist accommodation in france. In question his method developed according to his. Own criteria and which did not respect the. Official french classification (the famous stars). The difficulties of hotel companies with google’s ranking. Method the web giant’s search engine ranked french. Hotels according to its own criteria… Which did not correspond to those in force in our country.

The American Company Was Therefore Sanctioned

In fact, it was content to award stars based on the. Appreciations of internet users. Tunisia Phone Number List A misleading method because in france. Stars are reserved for classified establishments such as campsites. Tourist residences and hotels. As a result, hotel professionals were unable. To protect and highlight their stars awarded by atout france . For information, to obtain one or more stars, there are 250 points. To respect at least. The classification takes into account the size of the bedrooms. The presence of one or more bathrooms, the number of sockets etc. With google’s method, internet users and. Customers were therefore duped about the services. They could expect to obtain when booking accommodation online.

Payment of a Fine of Million Euros to the Hotels

Tunisia Phone Number List

Some hotel companies were then mistakenly. Perceived as less reliable companies . Despite complaints from hotel players. Google did not want to reconsider its position. Tunisia Phone Number List They had to seize the directorate general for competitio. Consumption and the repression of fraud (dgccrf) to finally win their case. Tunisia Phone Number List Thus, they denounced the misleading classification. Of tourist accommodation places of the famous search engine. Having read the file, the dgccrf checked the information provided .By google between 2019 and 2020. Google ordered to reimburse the. Victims of its fraudulent campaign the hotels are now reassured. The results of the investigations of the repression of fraud .Confirm the bad practices of google.

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