Google Shopping Ads or Google Search Ads Which Should I Use?

Google is the only option for successful advertising online. In fact, for every $ 1 a company invests in Google Ads, you can make a profit of $ 8 through Google Search. It’s just recently, Google doesn’t have the only option. There are two types: Google Shopping ads and search ads.

It’s difficult to decide between the two. How do you know which is better? After all, using the wrong ad format can waste significant advertising costs. Or is there a way to maximize revenue from both search and shopping? The following describes the differences between Google search ads and shopping ads. We weigh their strengths and weaknesses and decide which is the best and when. And I’ll explain how Google Shopping ads work.

The Days when Google Search Returns only Links to Web

pages are over. Currently, e-commerce Google Shopping products are also displayed with the results in the box at the top of the page. There is also a dedicated web tab for browsing seemingly endless related products.

Just like a regular Google search, you can search for any keyword to find your product in Google Shopping. However, vendors cannot optimize their products for specific keywords. Instead, all product information is provided through detailed and accurate descriptions. Philippines Photo Editor

Philippines Photo Editor

This Is how Google Shopping Ads Work. Don’t Think of Them

as just Google add-ons that no one uses. Merkle conducted a survey in 2018 and found that shopping ads triggered 60% of all clicks across Google’s paid advertising platform. Google Shopping ads are big news. This is a simple and effective way to see your product.

In contrast, Google search ads are one of Google’s most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising methods. Here you bid on the keywords that appear at the top of your keyword search results. This is a way to organically build customers and visitors through search.

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