Google Translate Able Translate and Transcribe Speeches

Real-time transcription via the google. Sri-Lanka Phone Number List Translate tool after having been a wish of google. Then a project it is now a reality the google translate android application. Can (finally) translate long speeches in real time and in several languages. A real technological advance in summary, which will be very useful in terms of communication. The time has therefore come to take an interest in this new feature. Introducing the innovative google translate feature google translate is undoubtedly .A real innovation in the technology sector. Today, thanks to artificial intelligence.The tool is constantly improving. An example its repertoire has been enriched with. Some sixty additional languages ​​for translation.

You Place Your Smartphone Close to the Comput

Indeed the online search giant said it has. Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  Developed an instant translation system for long speeches . Having previously had a “voice” mode with the ability to transcribe. Words into another language google now wants to go. Further in terms of technological prowess. The main novelty brought by this functionality. Lies in the length of the speeches that can be translated. Until now, the app could only translate a few sentences. At a time. Now you can use your smartphone to .Transcribe and translate entire speeches almost instantly. A change that makes all the difference because previously.While google translate allowed the translation of short .Sentences and certain conversations.

Tool Is More Appropriate Provided

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This tool was not suitable for longer discussions.Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  Such as conferences and meetings. To take advantage of this innovation an internet. Connection is essential becaus to begin with it will be the google servers that will do the translations. As for the languages ​​available. For the moment we find english german french russian portuguese spanish. Thai and hindi. How does real-time speech translation work over time.Sri-Lanka Phone Number List  This state-of-the-art service will be even more efficient since it is expected to take punctuation into account and to be able to correct translated texts according to the context of sentences.
In the first place. However google said that in a quiet environment where.Only one person is talking at a time, this feature performs the best by far. If you need to quickly translate the conversation of a single interlocutor.

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