Google’s Mobile Search Engine Gets a Makeover Easy Access

A new design for the mobile version.Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  Of the google search engine each year the most used. Search engine in the world has some new features. Google since it’s about him continues. On this path in 2021. And this year he decided to focus on his mobile. Search engine by remodeling his visual. The web giant thus wishes to. Offer internet users a better browsing experience. By placing design at the service of search results. Here is everything you need to know about .This redesign undertaken by google! Easy access to information .The first change made by google is to make its search interface more airy and contrasting. Thus, it makes it possible to carry out a search. More quickly on mobile. For this he has completely reworked. His serp to better value the results and information provided.

Google Logo and All the Design Around It

Therefore all superfluous graphic elements. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  Have been eliminated for the sake of simplicity. From now on the internet user can focus on his research and is no longer. Attracted by additional design elements whic. Generally, are useless to him. Also, there is a resizing of the fonts for better reading by the user. To provide the internet user with optimal identification, current fonts specific to google are more widely used. The internet user will only see google visual. Elements that are familiar to him. The web giant is following the. Same logic as other companies, such as facebook and spotify. Which have made various changes to their platforms. From now on google search on mobile is. Faster and more relevant with a minimalist.

This Results in a More Softened Overall

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

Rendering well-emphasized titles,contrasting page etc. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List A much more dynamic search engine by further .Simplifying its interface, google not only offers a cleaner design. But also a more dynamic platform. By accessing the search page.The internet user now has key information clearly highlighted .Thanks to a real play of colors and contrasts. Content takes center stage and associated images .Are placed strategically with a more pristine and crisp background. Just like in 2019, during the evolutions of google drive on android and ios. New bounce and shine effects are appearing. On a mobile phone screen. It gives a more beautiful and attractive interface. Similarly, a redesign has been initiated on the .

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