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was the first player to kneel during the national anthem during a game as a protest against racial inequality as well as police brutality towards minorities in the United States. According to various press reports. pop singer Rihanna turned down an offer to be the artist who gave the halftime show at the Super Bowl . the main reason for her refusal being to express her support for the former player. Among the media that highlighted this fact is US Weekly. who quoted an unidentified source. who indicated that the NFL and CBS “really wanted Rihanna to be next year’s singer.” According to media reports. the artist’s decision to reject the offer comes after a message posted on her Instagram account in which she urges the players to vote in the legislative elections of the neighboring northern country that will take place out next November; In this way.

She is one of the many celebrities who have assumed political positions in the face of the elections. With an audience of more than 100 million viewers. the game that decides the NFL champion is an attraction Hong kong whatsapp number list for artists since the halftime show presents an extraordinary coverage of the media worldwide. which also represents a high investment for advertising. Entertainment Tonight indicated that the professional football league kept early decisions with both Rihanna and singer Pink about the halftime show. but that both went ahead. according to a source with knowledge of the matter; same that assured that the Kaepernick topic was put on the table during the first conversations. As an act of congruence. Rihanna will be valued by her followers and despite having been on the biggest stage in the NFL. this could have negative consequences.

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The 18th round of Formula One took place this Sunday at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. Texas; in which Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen emerged the winner. postponing the fight for the drivers’ championship from the 2018 Formula One season. Raikkonen’s victory comes after 113 races of his last triumph. which occurred in the Australian Grand Prix during 2013; likewise. for Ferrari. a streak of not being able to be the winning team in US territory was also broken. after Schumacher finished in first position in 2006. After this result. the good news that the drivers’ championship is still in dispute not only reaches Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel . but also the Mexican Grand Prix that will take place next week and that it is highly possible that for the second time in a row Witness the crowning of motorsport’s top flight.

Hong kong whatsapp number list

Meanwhile. the Dutchman Max Verstappen finished in second position after starting in 18th place. after the feat of gaining 16 positions. he was designated the driver of the race; In third place concluded Lewis Hamilton who is very likely to be crowned five-time champion in Mexican territory. which would equal the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio. For his part. the Mexican Sergio “Checo” Pérez finished in the top 10 positions. Due to the above. the Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguez is emerging. In addition to being already known as the home of the best. Organization of the great Formula One circus in the last three years. It can also earn the nickname of being the home of champions. Since Hamilton won his fourth title there and. Everything points to the same thing happening next weekend

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The dimes and diretes about the future coach of the. Mexican National Team increase as time goes by. One of the candidates that has gained the most relevance is the. Argentine Gerardo “Tata” Martino. who currently manages Atlanta United FC . And who within of his journey he has been sitting. On the benches of the representatives of Argentina and Paraguay . Addition to Barcelona . Various media have reported that the “Tata” would be presented in December. Once his participation in the MLS has ended. Even a report from. Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF). For the hiring of the technical director. According to the sports medium. it is an Approximate value of 2.2 million dollars per year free; higher than that assigned to. Chepo” de la Torre and Miguel Herrera .

Which was 1.5 million dollars. while the Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio earned 1.8 million dollars; however. the last strategist was in charge of paying his coaching staff. Amount is synonymous with the importance for. Mexican managers of having a permanent technician. Who also represents an important figure in the collective imagination of the country. Unlike Osorio. who due to his lack of empathy with the fan. Did not star in advertising campaigns as in the case of Miguel Herrera. Javier Aguirre. among many others. In the case of Martino being the coach. The scenario around this character would be different.

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