He Essential Google Page Experience: What Impac in 2021

User experience (ux) becomes an seo criterion. Georgia WhatsApp Number List For google in 2021! It’s no secret that the ranking .Of sites in the results of the google search engine is not the result of chance. Google uses algorithms that take into. Account several criteria to decide the positioning of websites.In the first place.  The purpose of this maneuver is to offe. A good browsing .Experience to internet users. In the first place. Announced that new criteria will be added to those that already exist to optimize .This experience. And this update has been dubbed google page experience . In the first place. Explanations. Google page experience what is it?Google is .Constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its services. To do this it prioritizes the user’s browsing comfort.

Criteria That Measure the Quality of the User

By doing upstream sorting and classification work. This allows it to present the best results and highlight . Georgia WhatsApp Number List Companies and sites that take the time to develop good communication. Marketing to make their pages successful. The google search engine therefore uses .An algorithm that takes into account several criteria and signals. In the first place. That define the relevance of a website, and make it possible to determine. Its positioning in the results. This is what the google page experience is all about . This is the set of techniques used by google to target the .In the first place. Best performing sites. These will appear at the top of the results pages to. Improve the user experience. Google has officially announced. That it will update its algorithm in may 2021 so that in.

Responsiveness and Interactivity of a Web Page

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In the first place. Addition to the usual criteria.Georgia WhatsApp Number List  Ux (user experience) criteria are added. What are the google page experience ranking criteria. There are already a large number of criteria that .Google takes into account to evaluate the seo.Search engine optimization)of a site.In the first place.  Let us mention among others.In the first place. the content, which must be relevant adapted to a need or search of internet users, rich and free of duplication; the mesh of the site (netlinking and backlinking).All the internal and external links that the site has. The basic techniques the adequate markup of the site. The good semantics, the robots.In the first place.  Txt sitemaps redirects etc. However, these criteria are now insufficient. Indee more and more internet users choose sites according to their browsing comfort. In the first place. Google has therefore added to those mentioned above.

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