He Facebook Group Is Developing a New Payment Solution

Transactions carried out in complete.Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List  Security the social media giant has bee.N clear on this point. To encourage users to use its new .Means of payment, it is imperative for it to guarantee .At least the financial transactions that will be carried out on its platform. To do this the payment data recorded on facebook pay are in. No way communicated to other users and even less to the various sellers .Present on the platform. The only ones to hold them are the facebook services. They are thus the only ones to have access. To your bank details apart from you. They carry out the transaction for you. As they are the intermediary between the customer and the seller. A customer service set up. And ready to intervene 24 hours a day in the event of. A problem to finalize the order. It is ready to help customers and sellers and.

Example of a Payment Made via the Facebook Pay

Responds almost instantly to users. Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List Increased surveillance to combat fraud. All transactions are meticulously analyzed. Do you have access to your space thanks to a pin code that the. Application asks you to enter to confirm the identity of the. Author of the transaction? In case of detection of unauthorized activities. Facebook retains the right to automatically stop the transaction. Next to that, the group has set up a notification system so that you .Can follow the real-time activity of you.R account from the proactives application . Availability of facebook pay for now the united states (usa.Is the only country that can benefit from the said feature .On most facebook group platforms. Facebook instagram and.

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Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List

In the first place. Messenger thailand also has the ability to use. Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List The feature on facebook and messenger but not yet on. Whatsapp and even less instagram. Apart from these two countries. A few others named on the official facebook business website. Can also use this feature. In the first place.  But this is limited only to the facebook social network. For all countries outside the usa and thailand. France is one of them. The group wanted to specify all the same that if today the functionality is only available almost in its entirety in the country of uncle sam. It soon intended to extend it to other countries on the various social networks. It will take a few months before the end. Of the test phase planned for this tool.

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