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App tucked away from view facebook’s .Dominican Republic Phone Number New product experimentation team. Has just launched its brand new photo.-sharing app called hobbi. This barely revealed,has already. Raised strong criticism within the web community. Indee the new nursery of the net giant is far from being an original idea, since it is strongly reminiscent. Of the pinterest application. Coincidence everything suggests not. Facebook controversial creativity already the owner of a few other applications. Facebook has often been accused of drawing .Inspiration from those already present. On the web to improve the concept of those it develops.

Better Relate Step by Step the Process

By the way you can refer to one of our old articles.On the stories war between instagram and snapchat . Dominican Republic Phone Number Even if we don’t redo the wheel, the similarities are often somewhat obvious. Some have hastened to make another connection .With google’s tangi applicatio.Which is in the same spirit. Pinterest: adoption of a reassuring investor policy it was nevertheless clear that pinterest shares lost no less than 4% on the stock market following the announcement .Of the creation of this competing application. In a press release given in the process. Pinterest tried to restore investor confidence by insisting on the notorious d.Ifferences between the two applications. Its main argument is in particular. The absence of interaction between future users.

Creating a Project It Should Be Noted That the

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Of hobbi and the creation of the memory. Dominican Republic Phone Number Unlike pinterest which aims to be a platform promoting. Inspiration for the future and not the past. At first glance, hobbi would be more of an online photo storage space. The hobbi app: what exactly will it be used for. As its name suggests, the application will allow you to store visuals .According to your passions in categories that will be. Expressly dedicated to them. The idea is very simple: it would be, among other things to collect .Memories of his various hobbies classified in albums. Created for this purpose. In addition to the photo images, each album .Will also be able to see the integration of tutorial videos.

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