How Can Physical Stores Benefit From The Growth Of Online Shopping?

2020 is not over yet, but we can say that it will have been a year like no other! Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis has upset our daily lives and leaves us in relative uncertainty about the near future. The pandemic has also accelerated many trends — especially in e-commerce. This transition started before the crisis, of course, but COVID-19 has accelerated consumers’ transition to e-commerce and massive internet use for shopping. It’s a bit as if over the past six months, we have experienced five years of change in consumer habits. Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools Intermediate Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools. Ecommerce tunnel optimization and tools To download In May 2020. For example, 83% of U.S. shoppers said the pandemic had changed the way they shop. And more than 50% said they wanted to continue enjoying the services of so-called in the USA the “curbside pickup”.

Will take care of bringing your order in your car, which you will have parked for a few minutes near the store. This saves consumers the hassle of parking and wasting time getting out of their vehicle to enter stores. Americans would like this type of service to continue, even when the pandemic is behind us. Regarding the holiday season which is coming soon. Ask around, from Paris to New York. Via Rome or London: managing shops, restaurants. Or hotels is incredibly difficult at the moment. Everyone has seen in recent months that an online presence. Whatever your activity and the size of your business. Can help reach potential customers. The interaction between two worlds, online sales. And so-called “offline” commerce, has never been so important. How can physical stores catch the wave of e-commerce?

With Local Inventory Ads, Merchants Can Show Users That The Products

The results we just highlighted demonstrate why it’s critical for brands to embrace the changing retail landscape. There are indeed a few solutions that will allow your store to provide better shopping experiences to their customers. But still require some level of e-commerce integration. Promote the curbside pickup system in your Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List  advertisements. We have already explained what this new method of shopping from the USA consists of. With Local Inventory Ads, merchants can show users. That the products they’re looking for are available for them to pick up at the store. Without having to wait or search for anything.  But now, you can indicate if you offer curbside pickup. Directly in your Local Inventory Ads. This feature is now available in several countries. France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

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If you’re not yet using the Local Inventory Ads option, you can still let customers know if your store offers in-store pickup, delivery, or curbside pickup. Using “Google My Business”, you can add or edit attributes in your business profile that will appear in search and on Maps. Offer your customers an omnichannel experience. When the COVID-19 crisis abruptly disrupted consumer habits. It was observed that merchants who had an omnichannel approach were ahead of the competition. What is it about ? This consists of consolidating all your sales channels into a single channel, in order to provide a uniform shopping experience for consumers. This may for example concern the checking of your stock by a customer before he visits you. If you can’t tell which products are available at any given time in response to a query made online, some customers won’t waste time coming to your store.



Solve Your Retail Challenges With Mobile Integration In The Short Term

So, as retailers rebuild, developing an omnichannel approach should be a priority. Some businesses are bound to struggle a bit at first when faced with omnichannel management logistics, but the long-term benefits are worth it. We can mention, for example, the adoption of contactless payment systems, capable of accelerating settlements. Managing synchronous inventory, too, allows merchants/retailers to ensure that inventory displayed on websites matches products available on store shelves. Additionally, there are currently AI-powered chatbots capable of providing assistance when customer service is unavailable due to store closures. Rethink the organization of your business Creating a holistic customer experience will require implementing an omnichannel system in a flexible way, both in physical and digital environments. By reorganizing teams and prioritizing new tactics, merchants can break down the silos that once separated physical and digital sales operations.

Brands that succeed in revamping their sales strategies ensuring a seamless shopping experience across online and offline channels will be ahead of their competition. Solve your retail challenges with mobile integration In the short term, adopting mobile innovations can help brands solve current retail challenges. Advance ordering, contactless payments, and directing customers to the heart of the store are all important elements of the purchase journey that require mobile integration. With the holiday season approaching, brick-and-mortar businesses would do well to make sure they’re suitable for mobile use. Research by Google indicates that 53% of shoppers said they would choose to shop at stores that offer contactless shopping.



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