HOW Design Live 2016: What You Missed!

Last week was the how design live 2016 event , held in atlanta. Being present for the occasion, here is a brief summary of the stay in atlanta. The event organized each year by how magazine, this event brings together nearly 4,000 participants from the communications industry graphic designers , graphic designers , photographers, editors, designers, etc.. This year, the meeting was given in atlanta, in the south of the united states. The program consists of a hundred conferences and workshops , in addition to a trade fair with all the artisans in the field. This is the perfect opportunity to exchange with software developers as well as find new suppliers for our customers. Featured speakers this year include aaron draplin , tiffany shlain , amy webb , veronika scott and jonathan fields.


Encouragement of the Host and the Crowd.

Recipients of numerous awards and recognized worldwide, they philippines photo editor came to talk to us about creativity and design with a lot of passion. The organization bringing together so many creative people from all over the world requires impressive logistics. Mobile application, participants guide, charging and refreshment station, nothing was left to chance. With 6 simultaneous conferences the majority of the time, we were the main event at the atlanta convention center. Favorites having attended nearly thirty conferences and workshops in 5 days, the subjects were very varied trends in new logos, customer approach, typography, presentations, management and so on. Among the most inspiring, note the presentation by matthew manos on his business model. His advertising agency, verynice design, carries out 50 of its mandates free of charge for npos.

philippines photo editor

Tools and Above All Inspiration for Our Projects.

Nearly 6 million dollars were thus offered probono, and he is not DZB Directory even 30 years old his book is already an international bestseller. Also, I was fascinated by jan hargrave s studio . Coming to advise us on the art of giving good presentations to our clients, this. Body language expert made us realize that the words used are only 7 of what is perceived by the receiver. In addition to making us aware of our nonverbal, it gave us the tools to decode it in our interlocutor. Finally, the pixels of fury event organized by shutterstock was the perfect opportunity. To recover from our busy days while witnessing a friendly competition between very talented designers. Organized in a trendy bar in atlanta, the participants were invited in groups of 3 on the stage where a fictitious graphic design project was given to them.

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