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Then, this article will analyze Facebook ADS from four aspects: users, accounts, resources and advertising structure. This series of articles is to explore Facebook’s advertising ecology from the perspective of Facebook ADS, but Facebook ADS, as a front-end system for advertisers, has limitations, such as placement, bidding and other core modules in the advertising system will not be detail enough. In the series UK Phone Number of articles, we first analyze Facebook ADS from the tool level. The abstraction level and dimension of the tool level are relatively high; then we analyze from the four aspects of user, account, resource and advertising structure module level. The module level is relatively moderate, which is helpful to clarify The context of the system; finally, it is analyz from the functional level such as position, bidding method,

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relevance, etc. The functional level is more detailed, and you can intuitively feel the  this article will analyze Facebook ADS from four aspects: users, accounts, resources and advertising structure. Structure of this paper 1. Users Users who can manage other modules are call users. There are four main types of users  in Facebook ADS, UK Phone Number which are  into: individual users, business organization users, system users, and developer users. There are great differences between different users. (1) Individual users and users of commercial organizations are used for resource management Individual users refer to individual Facebook accounts. Individual users are the core of Facebook’s account system. Individual users can manage users, homepages, and advertising accounts of their business organizations. Commercial organization users refer to commercial

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organizations that individual users can create. Commercial users can manage resources such as homepages and advertising accounts in this commercial organization, as well as members such as individual users and system users. Log in to your personal user account to see the users In the first place, of your UK Phone Number business organization (2) System users and developer users are closely related to the use of Marketing API System users can only provide tokens to the Marketing API, which refer to the accounts and resources that are set up in the commercial organization and are dedicated to the Marketing API. The system users can manage the accounts and resources that the Marketing API can access.

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