How Google And Youtube Can Help You Build Brand Awareness

In this part, you’ll learn and drive results at scale. Because as Google says, “With over 2 billion users logged in every month. YouTube is a proven way to reach massive audiences. And boost your marketing funnel performance metrics. Follow these best practices to build effective brand awareness. And reach your target audiences on YouTube.” You will also discover more advanced topics that will allow you. To adjust your marketing strategies. Whatever your business model. B- lead generation As announced in the introductory paragraph of this page devoted to the generation of qualified leads. Interaction with consumers today involves conversation, and no longer just a few clicks of the mouse. Google advocates a holistic approach to engaging with your leads and guiding them through your sales funnel.

By analyzing all of the articles, insights, videos, guides, and research displayed on this page, you’ll be able to generate new qualified leads, measure and optimize your sales funnel, and nurture and reactivate opportunities. of existing leads. If you’re new to e-commerce, why not start with a video called “Guide to Lead Generation with Google”? Produced by experts who work for the famous search engine, this ten-minute video will tell you all about Smart Bidding (automatic bidding strategies that maximize conversions), importing Offline Conversions (offline conversions), call ads, etc. Exploring this page dedicated to lead generation is also an opportunity to discover recent marketing concepts, such as “Tap into intent”, which could be translated.



According To Google, It Can Be Difficult To Identify Where Consumer Demand Is Growing

Into French as “Tapping into intentions”. That is, identify where consumer demand is going to move. So that you can continue to generate leads consistently. According to Google, it can be difficult to identify where consumer demand is growing. While ensuring that you have good query coverage. And over the past three months. The search engine giant has seen an increase in search interest for terms such as “small business loans”. Video El Salvador Phone Number List  and “e-learning”. So to help e-merchants respond to these changes in behavior. Google advises you to update the following 4 fundamental principle. Tap into consumer intent, pairing Broad Match Keywords with Smart Bidding. Reach new audiences with Discovery Ads (YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery combined, that’s 3 billion people). Follow Google’s advice on “good creative practices”. For your Ads, in order to optimize your advertising message.

By measuring the optimization rate of your ads with “optimization score”. And by setting the ideal amount of your campaigns. To generate the maximum number of conversions with “Performance Plan”. C- online sales One of the essential things when you are in charge of an online store. Or even a physical point of sale, is to be able to convert important traffic into sales. And this is one of the interesting points that Google’s Advertising Solutions Center offers you. To study when you scroll down the page concerning online sales. So, with more and more people shopping from the comfort of home. Capturing online demand and providing the best possible online shopping experience is crucial. So what are the secrets to acquiring new customers and creating even stronger bonds with the ones you already have?



Use The Tools Made Available By Google To Properly Manage Your Advertising Campaigns

The first element to consider is the adaptation of your sales strategy to e-commerce, of course. Next, Google advises you to focus on a key point in the purchase journey, which it describes in English as the “messy middle”, that is to say this crucial moment in the sales funnel, but difficult to identify, which is between the trigger (trigger) and the act of purchase. By taking into account the results of research on consumer behavior, we can decode the mechanisms that trigger the act of purchase. For behavioral scientists, there are two types of attitudes that stand out in this “messy middle”, this space difficult to define by marketers, but yet so important. The conclusion is that Internet users search for information on products and brands in a category, then evaluate all possible options.

This brings out two different modes of behavior within the “messy middle”: exploration, an activity described as expansive, and evaluation, which is called a reductive activity. Thus, every Internet user who goes through this phase, regardless of the online source, can be classified into one of these two mental modes. As internet users explore and evaluate their options in this messy space, it is indeed cognitive biases that will shape their purchasing behavior and influence their reasons for choosing one product over another. There are several hundred possible biases, and you can find the main ones on the page dedicated to online sales in the Google Advertising Solutions Center. D- Growth in mobile applications. For Google, e-tailers absolutely must focus on mobile support in 2020, because providing a better mobile experience to your customers can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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