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The bounce rate? The bounce rate is calculated with a very simple formula: sessions of a page / total number of sessions x100 that easy. In fact. It is a metric that google analytics offers users by default. This tool allows you to know the bounce rate: analyzing the website as a whole. Of the different channels used to bring traffic to the web. From every source or medium. Analyzing the bounce rate of a specific page. Exceptions when interpreting the web bounce rate in any case. You should take into account some exceptions when establishing a kpi regarding the bounce rate of your website: those known as one page are websites that only have one landing page. So. By not being able to navigate to other pages. By default they will have a high bounce rate. Therefore.

In these cases we must assess  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers  other factors such as the time spent on the page or conversions to evaluate the performance of said website. Evaluate which pages have a high bounce rate. If. For example. It is about blog posts that you link to through a newsletter and to which users access through the link that you send to your subscribers. Or if. On the contrary. They come from backlinks from other websites or media that link to your page. Pay special attention to the data of the landing pages that you use for advertising campaigns on search engines or on social networks. A high bounce rate. In these cases. Is an indicator that it is not working as it should. What is the acceptable bounce rate on a web page? Now that you know what the web bounce rate is.

How Do You Determine

If this figure is high or low? What do we mean by a good bounce rate? After reading the article. You probably already know the answer: it depends. And it is that defining what a good bounce rate is depends on factors such as: the page type. A blog is not the same as an online medium or an ecommerce. The specific page within the web from which we are measuring the bounce rate. It is not the same to measure this percentage of an informative page than another that does seek user conversion. The channel through which you drive traffic to the web. In general. We can say that an acceptable bounce rate would be. On average: around 20% on landing pages. From 20 to 40% on corporate websites and online stores. From 60 to 80% in blogs and online media. Around 80% on one pages.

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Build your full-featured online store for less with managed wordpress ecommerce hosting how to reduce web bounce rate? Follow these 7 strategies to improve the bounce rate of your website: focus on your target audience . Improve the usability of your page . Work on the content structure. Check the contents of your website periodically. Work on the copy of your website. Bet on internal linking. Include calls to action on your page. Let’s look at each of these aspects in more depth. Focus on your target audience this. Perhaps. May be very obvious. But. Sometimes. We see pages that publish content on their blog that is not 100% related to their activity or the interests of their target. Carrying out an analysis of relevant keywords for your business and writing content around this universe is key to improving the bounce rate of a website.

Improve The Usability

Of your page an unfriendly page for the user will always have a higher bounce rate. For this reason. You must bet on reviewing the usability of your website and. For this: check the loading time of your website and verify that it is not too high to generate abandonments before it loads correctly. To do this. You can use a web speed test tool . Check that the page is responsive and is displayed correctly on different devices and that the content is easily readable. Bet on having a secure website for visitors. Check the existence of technical errors on those pages that have a higher bounce rate. It facilitates navigation through the web page. So that the user can easily access the content they are looking for. Bet on a clean and clear design that generates a good user experience. Avoid elements that make navigation difficult.

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