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.In 2018, the short video market has grown rapidly. And video is more intuitive for the public to understand and understand new things. With the continuous development of the Internet and the acceleration of the network speed, for users, the short video format is more and more accepted USA Phone Number by the public. Suggestion: Developers can consider uploading the [Preview Video] function to better and more comprehensively display their products and improve user conversion rates. (3) Play through the three major app categories of “Photography and Video”, “Games” and “Education” [Preview Video] According to the data in the sampling sample, among the uploading Apps, the “Photography and Video”, “Games”, and “Education” apps use  more frequently.

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The “photography and video” apps show more novel gameplay and user videos. The “game” apps reflect the visual sense and operating system, and the “education” apps show more interaction. These three types of apps make full use of [preview video] to promote products and attract users according to their own product characteristics. Suggestion: try ≠ success, but not trying is doom to be one step behind. Remind developers that [Preview Video] is like a movie trailer from a certain point of view, showing the most essential, interesting or attractive parts to increase user downloads. Developers should pay attention. Of course, more and more developers are starting to pay attention to [preview video].

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USA Phone Number List
USA Phone Number List

I believe that developers are still very concerned about how to quickly pass Apple’s. Review and improve the publicity effect of preview video. Take this opportunity to seven Mai Data has sorted out the precautions for uploading preview. Videos in detail for your reference. record First make sure your device is a Mac with system version 10.10 or above. Requirement 1: [Preview video] The size needs to be controlled The size of the preview video cannot exceed 500MB,

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