How to save costs on an annual report?

The design of an annual management report or an annual activity report is an obligation for many organizations and companies. Making a complete summary of the year in a few dozen pages is a complex task for anyone in charge of this project. Tight deadlines and the large number of stakeholders often explain the many cost overruns related to the design of an annual report.

To remedy this, here are some tips that we share with you. Prepare well it all starts with good preparation. As in many projects, this first step is essential to its smooth running. It is often easier to start from the end to plan the project well.


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From the date of submission of the annual report, we image manipulation service subtract printing times 57 business days waves of corrections and internal proofreading variable from one organization to another, generally 2 weeks back and forth the initial assembly time by the graphic designers 35 working days approval of the graphic designers mockup design 12 days the graphic design of the model 24 working days. Add 30 to 50 of the planned working days to allow for the unpredictable and youll have a realistic timeline that wont lead to moments of project delivery anxiety and stress. Share this timeline in advance with everyone involved in the file, especially those who must give their approval during the proofreading waves.

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Often Tied to a Specific Deadline.

This step is often underestimated when in reality, it can DZB Directory represent up to a third of the total time allocated to this project plan your layout to minimize design adjustments, we advise you to always start the design of your annual report by designing a mockup of a few pages to give you an overview of the graphic design of your document. This step can be done in advance to save time. From a draft of your content, or even an earlier version of your annual report, ask to see a few significant pages not necessarily the first few pages to avoid having to ask for graphical changes across the board.

Of the layout. We promise that your infographer will thank you for it. Before entrusting your texts and data to the infographer for the layout, make. Sure you have done a first internal proofreading of your content. From experience, the vast majority of the corrections we receive following the first edit are only content editing misprint, paraphrase, addition or deletion of content, etc.

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