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No one likes watching ads, but everyone needs to consume information. To make your users fall in love with advertising, you must first change your thinking and change the content of the advertisement from a sales pitch to valuable and expected information, so that the brand Australia Phone Number value can reach users more efficiently. A few years ago, a product colleague asked me: “Why should users pay attention to an enterprise’s official account if it can’t provide a certain service?” This colleague thought at the time: No one likes to watch advertisements. But the content of a company’s official account must be advertising. So users have no motivation to pay attention to a company’s official account. Of course, this was also the status quo of the vast majority of corporate public accounts at that time.

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Although looking back now, the content provided by the company’s official account can also be regarded as an information service, which can still give users the motivation to pay attention, but he also undoubtedly told the truth: no one likes watching advertisements. Why do we hate ads? Advertising marketing has never had a good image in the minds of users. Australia Phone Number If you watch the World Cup in front of the TV, the appearance of advertisements means that you can go to the toilet or do other things, even when there are commercials in the program, The host will tell you to “take a break and come back soon”. But the irony is that advertisements support the operation of various business logics, and there are so many good-looking programs on TV. This most annoying thing is the cornerstone of business existence.

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Australia Phone Number
Australia Phone Number

Why do we hate ads so much? There should be two main reasons: 1. Interrupting user goals Users watch TV not to watch advertisements, but to watch various programs. The appearance of advertisements interrupts the user’s goal. Only when the advertisement time is spent every second and year can users continue to. Watch the programs Australia Phone Number they want to watch. This is the case with advertisements in all media. Opening Weibo and Moments is not for watching advertisements. It is this continuous beautiful experience that ruins, and ads become hatred in the hearts of users, just like you want to sleep in and get woken up early in the morning.

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