However, These Imposed Changes Have Also Made Us Discover New Features

Such as the delivery of groceries at home or the joy of cooking with the family at home. It seems that in this new normal, people are becoming more open to new products and services. Especially those that offer good value for money. This trend can be observe all over the world. In China, for example, where the COVID-19 epidemic first spread. 84% of respondents tried at least one new service for the first time during this period. And on the other hand. It is interesting to note that Christmas has always been seen by people as an opportunity to try new things. Thus, nearly 65% ​​of seasonal shoppers around the world. Said they had purchased new products for the holiday season. It is also important to note that during the Christmas holidays. People are generally more open to products that come from abroad.


This is the time to create new connections, for example by giving yourself the opportunity to reach new audiences. You can help your future customers identify products that match their preferences by emphasizing quality and utility. You can do this by grabbing audiences’ attention with Facebook Stories Ads. Which are immersive and engaging full-screen. Video-like or carousel-like ads that appear between stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. With Stories Ads , you can engage with people where they spend most of their time and using.  A beautiful digital storefront to encourage them to discover your products. About 1 in 2 people who have been exposed to these Stories Ads. Believe it has strengthened their relationship with brands. To the point of considering a purchase. Also use Facebook’s “branded content” to reach a new audience.


So How Do You Take Advantage Of This Phenomenon?

In the “creators” box, you can include many types of people: celebrities, public figures, average people, publishers, brands, etc. With Facebook’s Branded Content Ads, you’ll have the ability to leverage customers’ relationship with creators and promote their posts as feeds and Stories Ads. This will allow you to reach new audiences. “Branded content” also gives brands the opportunity to use Facebook’s advertising system. To resize their South Africa Phone Number List  offer to their new targets, and then to measure the results. To guarantee that advertisers’ money is spent wisely. Finally, and this will be the last recommendation for this insight no.3, borders do not exist in the digital world! However, many brands fail to reach potential customers outside their own country. However, by using all the commercial tools offered by Facebook, capable of crossing borders, your company, whatever its size and level of maturity, can become a multinational.

But, given all the events that have happened throughout 2020, people will be all the happier to be able to get together to spend a special time with family and friends. That’s why Christmas will always be an exceptional time to shop, give gifts and celebrate. All the insights provided by Facebook IQ should help you prepare your business strategy for the end of the year, especially trying to create personalized, frictionless shopping experiences at scale.The American application that combines photo sharing and social networking officially announced in July on its website that it now has up to 416 million monthly active users! This is more than the entire population of the United States, which is approximately 320 million. This impressive figure places the platform created in 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermanne above web giants such as Twitter, Snapchat,or LinkedIn.


Pinterest Surpasses 400 Million Users A Major Fact In The History Of Pinterest

And the progress should not stop there, given the current trend linked to the COVID-19 pandemic which favors online shopping all over the world. These usage trends will perhaps become fundamental changes, as people who have become accustomed to shopping online during the long period of confinement realize the convenience and advantages of this type of shopping. We should normally observe in the coming years a significant increase in electronic commerce and online exchanges. This could take the photo-sharing and social networking application into a phase of continued growth. YouTube Advertising The Complete Guide Beginner YouTube Advertising The Complete Guide YouTube Advertising The Complete Guide To download Trends to integrate To mark this important milestone in its history, the firm based in Palo Alto, California has also published on its information site.

A list of the main trends and changes concerning the use of the app. It provides a very interesting perspective on the reasons that guide Internet users to connect more and more often on Pinterest. Here’s what to take away from these trends: The number of “Pinners” (American nickname for users of the Pinterest networks) under 25 years old is growing twice as fast as that of users aged 25 and over. This means that the application which was in decline a few years ago is regaining a certain vitality and is very popular with young people. Women make up more than 60% of Pinterest’s audience, although the number of men using the platform has grown by nearly 50% year over year. Pinterest appeals to women, no doubt. Millennials are using Pinterest to try to make their homes more family-friendly and comfortable.

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