HR Becomes Business

“line of business”. This emerges from the latest Albania Phone Number research by the. HR Innovation Practice Observatory Albania Phone Number of the Politico DI Milan. Scientific Director of the. Observatory talks Albania Phone Number about in the video interview.”No longer just compulsory classroom training. But also for the acquisition of managerial styles.  Technical Albania Phone Number skills, soft skills.

HR Becomes Business Enabler By Enhancing

HR does not have to wait for new business Albania Phone Number needs to appear. But must anticipate them by operating proactively”, explains Corso. In the checklist of the good. The assessment of new digital skills. The recruitment and staff development plans aimed at anticipating company needs cannot be missing. For this it is necessary Albania Phone Number  to acquire the ability to manage large. Amounts of data and to innovate the approach to training.  mobile apps and gamification initiatives – explains Crespi.

 Albania Phone Number

As Fiorella Crespi , Director of the Observatory points out in the interview. Underlining the importance of digital learning. A concept Albania Phone Number that goes beyond what we commonly call e-learning. “We are talking about an integrated platform of channels and training tools to support webinars, social networks.

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