HR Digital Leadership

Today Italian companies are looking for  Digital Capabilities  new professionals. Which involved over 100 HR directors of medium large Italian companies in an empirical analysis through surveys. Case studies By virtue of these considerations. To change its way of operating thanks to the support of new digital tools.

HR Digital Leadership New Skills To

For this reason in 2015 the organizations foresee the inclusion Namibia Phone Number of profiles of ecru. Profiling Manager who will have the task of improving the effectiveness of the relationship with customers through. Customer Relationship Management Digital Marketing Manager who manages and optimizes digital interactions with consumers and prospects through social web and mobile channels, in compliance with sales and marketing objectives. Chief Innovation Officer call upon to propose innovative models for. The business of company to make the most of the digital revolution. Of all the digital jobs, the most unavailable .

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HR Innovation Practice Observatory on the one hand  the HR department must assume a leadership role to guide the business lines in recognizing and developing new skills and professionalism on the other. it must deeply rethink its processes to make them suitable for new needs.


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