HR Management

Humanitas Research Hospital a highly specialized hospital. Research center University teaching center has decid to equip itself with an. HR Management Panama Phone Number system to manage the complexity of processes in the field of human resources. Of strengthening the central management systems.  The HR Management system started with the administration of a database of information relating to people. With a operational and managerial reporting.

HR Management From Performance

In fact, it involves 2,500 master data Panama Phone Number to manage and a potential extension to the entire Humanitas network (other five hospitals for a total of about 5,000 personal data), with the possibility in the future to extend the solution to other core HR processes, such as performance management . It was necessary to equip ourselves with an effective system dedicated to training management.  Which best responds to our needs for monitoring all the processes in place  said Paolo Almagioni Training and Development Manager of Humanitas Research Hospital .

Panama Phone Number

As a technological partner the choice fell on the Panama Phone Number Talentia HCM solutions from the. French group Talentia Software which guarantees the structure complete management of all aspects related to training.

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