HR Strategies Banco

Working with a consolidated methodology, counting Armenia Phone Number on. The support of an “integrated” work group, seeking the parallelism between the evolution of processes. Systems to fully grasp the synergies. This is the recipe Armenia Phone Number  behind Bacon Poplar ‘s. HR Transformation project , which found in the Cloud the answer to the need to be reactive to change.

HR Strategies Banco Popolare Invests


Our project finds its basis in the history Armenia Phone Number of the Group itself, which was born in July 2007 from the merger between Bacon Poplar DI Verona and Nova. Over 2.5 million customers. , distributed over 4 territorial divisions. Having experienced Armenia Phone Number  the integration of different realities has brought. Out the need to find a unique communication tool with our people. To put the right person in the right place. To make these choices in the best possible way.

Armenia Phone Number

The Armenia Phone Number Oracle CHM Cloud solution to put. Human resources at the center. Develop innovative HR strategies such as corporate welfare. Social collaboration. With rapid innovation times and characterized by a marked flexibility.For the full success of the initiative and the adequate involvement of all employees –

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