HR Transformation Lab

Aday designed to address the key issues of the HR world, such as selection processes. Training and performance evaluation tools. The way in whichBelize Phone Number  people, managers, companies experience changes. What are the new stimuli to be graspedThis is in a nutshell the HR Transformation Lab. The event organized by the Belize Phone Number consulting and training company Innext. Premier Partner of Google in Italy and specialized in Business Transformation. Which involved the HR Managers and Directors of important realities and organizations such.

HR Transformation Lab When Sharing And Working

Through moments of Belize Phone Number inspiration and practice, the HR managers created a practical case – using the tools of Google for Work – and discussed the impact and feasibility of the innovative processes that arise from technology. These tools are, in fact, able to incorporate in a Change Management project all the messages that. The company management wants to convey, such as reorganization. A new model of collaboration or even the creation of a sense of belonging.

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From the sharing of individual experiences and from the Belize Phone Number experimentation. Of new ways of collaboration and comparison. It emerged above all that the opportunities for exchange are increasingly felt in the professional sphere. Precisely Belize Phone Number because it is from the connections that new ideas are born. Furthermore, it was highlighted that on the one hand. The existence of a stimulating work environment plays a primary.  Role in the development of a culture of innovation in an organization. But on the other also of ideas and pervasive tools in the entire organization.

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