Hunting For Talent

Attracting and retaining the best in the company is the great challenge of the personnel departments. Cost containment competition from emerging countries. A lack of highly qualified skills make it increasingly difficult to hunt for so-call talents those with high potential. Those crucial for the success of a company. But what do Italian medium-size enterprises do to intercept and store them.  Above all, what are they and what do they mean for them?. Ge Capital and the School of Management of the Politico DI Milan have sift through 500 medium-siz. Italian manufacturing companies returning an overview of the presence of talent management policies in Italian companies.

Hunting For Talent There Is Still

Overall, the need for key figures for the development Tunisia Phone Number of the company is recognized, but there is still little structure in bringing them on board. In fact, only 6% have a structured talent management system. The ideas are not even clear on what talent is, if it is something innate or learnable, and if it is more related to knowledge or skills. However, the qualities most associated with the concept of talent today are the aptitude for change, the ability to make decisions in conditions of uncertainty and under stress, leadership and creativity. Less demanded as drivers, however, are the desire to excel and professional experiences. In general, in fact, individual characteristics seem to have a greater importance than skills and experiences.

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As for skills technical ones are preferred follow by commercial ones. Not surprisingly sales are the only ones to have had a double-digit salary increase in the last three years in Italy as shown by the latest report on wages by Towers Watson . In general however those with talent are young with above average intelligence and high potential i.e. They have the ability to grow professionally and take on high responsibilities quickly but they can also be a person with strong professional skills.badges, particularly useful to the company. Almost one in two ay they have between 1 and 5% of employees talent.

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