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Even the fission of coffee made me panic. Not long ago, in order to review the work experience of this year, I wrote an article on fission, and the conclusion was as follows: Unless you have a huge end-line supply chain, or are committed to Job Function Email Database serving consumers below the third or fourth tier, don’t regard transformation and fission as the basic traffic model of your product, and don’t imagine “getting rich overnight” through fission. The reason why I say this is because Pinduoduo’s transformation and fission always faces the pervasive wool party: First, when the gathered wool party continues to impact the cost bottom line, the platform cannot provide enough subsidies to maintain the attractiveness of fission;

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Second, it is impossible to screen out enough qualified traffic among the wool parties that are incurred. And products that have risen through fission, such as Pinduoduo, Qutoutiao, Miya Pintuan (mini-program), Mogujie (mini-program), etc., without exception, their users and the wool party are not distinct, and their supply chain can also take Produce enough cheap and affordable goods or services to undertake and digest these woolly parties. The implication is that mid-to-high-end brands, or the target group is not a product of the wool party, don’t do “fission dreams”. The slap in the face came so quickly. Recently, due to work needs, I studied the new coffee retail giant “Lian Coffee” in detail, and suddenly felt dark.

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There are no low-end brands in the coffee retail industry. And currently there is a three-pronged situation of “Lian Coffee”, “Luckin” and “Starbucks”. The core model of “Connected Coffee” is “online food delivery + social fission”, and “fission” is its main source of traffic. Mid-to-high-end, first-tier cities do not have the so-called end-line supply chain. But they play fission well and become a new retail leader in a short period of time . I put aside my nearly destroyed stereotypes and rethink this social monster. Social gameplay with coffee Let’s take a brief look at how “Connected Coffee” plays fission: 1. Pocket Cafe: Gamifi Distribution “Pocket Cafe” is an activity launch in the Mini Program. Through this activity. Everyone can open their own online cafe and decide on the decoration, design and merchandise of the cafe.


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